The Civil War: American Against American

Created & Performed by Howard Egger-Bovet

For ages 8-13 theatrical American history production with period and original songs, humor and puppetry, and free online activities and music/video clips. Corresponds to American history educational standards.

Here is a production that offers teachers diverse, engaging video media to start your daily lesson. Don’t open the book to unfair taxes; provide a brief introduction then hook them with a smuggler’s song: his feelings, his emotions about taxes. Follow this up with details, details students will now be more receptive to receiving and retaining. The horrors of the slave trade and slave labor in the colonies can have no relevancy to kids in the modern world, but with dramatic puppetry, and the song of an African teen slave being taken from his home, the tenor of the time becomes real.

People, events, emotions. These are the ingredients of this production — plus free downloadable study materials and activities. Is this worth buying? School library journal states: “Highly entertaining, provocative. This production belongs in the hands of history teachers…”